What is the best time to replace a lock or cylinder?

Homeowners quite often encounter situations in which they are forced to replace the lock or cylinder in the door. Without these actions, our safety and comfort can be significantly reduced, which is why it is then necessary to take corrective action – locksmith London


One of the main reasons for the necessity of replacing the security devices is the lack of proper functioning, which makes it difficult for us to close and open the door and may lead to a situation in which one day we will not be able to get into our flat or house. In such a case it will be necessary to visit a locksmith whose services will be more expensive and at the same time will cause a lot of unnecessary stress and wasted time. It is worth taking precautions and replacing the lock or cylinder at the first sign of trouble.


When an unauthorized person gets inside the building or flat, there is a high probability that the lock or cylinder has been permanently damaged, and the repair would be financially unprofitable or impossible. In addition, having the same mechanism can make it easier to break in again at a later date, so new security devices should be fitted.

A similar scheme can work if you lose your keys. We do not know who will find them and whether they will want to use them for a bad purpose. However, we should take into account the possible bad intentions of the finder, which may jeopardise the security of the house.


Such measures are also desirable when we move into a new place. The keys to the old locks may be held by the former owners or people close to them, so you should replace the locks or cylinders for your own safety. It may also be that the current installation does not meet our expectations, then we should also decide to change.

The same applies when a person moves out of a flat or house and should not have easy access to the property. This applies both to temporary tenants and to people who are splitting up and whose life partner has to move out.

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