HOW TO CHOOSE BUY A CORSET? – Additional tips

At the beginning of the search for a suitable corset, the most important thing is to answer the question – why are you looking for it?
Do you care about its daily wear for waist training or are you looking for something for a special occasion to be worn sporadically? Do you prefer to hide a corset under your clothes or do you want to display it as an element of your outfit? All of these questions will find the answer below.

Do you care about wearing a corset every day for waist training?

Ladies interested in waist reduction and systematic wearing should definitely choose corsets from underbust group – under breasts. It is a very practical and convenient solution. Underbust corset will give you more freedom of movement than overbust models – for breasts. You can easily hide it under a slightly looser T-shirt and it will not interfere with your stylization. If you like to play with fashion, there are no contraindications to wear such a corset superficially! The range of designs is very rich and you will certainly find something that will diversify your outfit waist trainers store

Each real corset has a structure based on steel underwires. If you choose a corset for training, it is important that it has a spiral underwire (flat only in the back), which give greater comfort during long-term wearing, work and arrange in the desired direction. Back stiffened with flat underwires enforce a healthy, straight posture. This is a huge plus of wearing a corset, which many ladies do not realize until trying them on.
Information on the underwires used in a given corset is given in the MODEL PARAMETERS tab, which you will find in the product card, or on the construction drawing under the description of the given pattern.

Choosing an underbust corset – under the bust is also much easier. When searching for it, only the actual waist size and torso length are relevant. For ease of use, we have created a table with sizes, in which we included all relevant calculations. All you need to do is find your current waist circumference and read the corset size that belongs to it – nothing simpler. If in doubt, don’t underestimate the size – write to us or select in the order form the desire to verify the size. There you will find special windows in which we ask for dimensions (height, waist, hips). If you fill in these fields, we will check the model and size you choose.

Do you wear size XS or S?

An important tip for ladies wearing small size corsets – such as 18 “, 20” and 22 inches
If you have already chosen your size and it oscillates just at 18 “, 20”, 22 inches better if you choose a corset with less whalebone (10 spiral + 4 flat). In the model parameters tab or on the construction drawing there is information about the number of underwires placed in a given model. Small, slim ladies do not have to decide on such a strong corset as the one on 20 spiral underwires (+4 flat). In this construction, the underwire is sewn in pairs around the corset, and with such a small size they are very densely arranged. Just 1-3 cm between each pair. Due to the small amount of body and lack of excess fat, such a construction may be too heavy, stiff. It will be very difficult and long to fall into the body, which will make it harder to get the effect of a nice waist. Slim ladies often want to choose this construction, hoping that it will be more effective when training the waist. However, it has no effect on it, and the effect can be quite the opposite if you are not used to the embrace and such a stiffness may cause discomfort. For women sensitive to pressure, which is suggested size 24 “, we also recommend a lighter corset.

Ladies who need size 18, 20 or 22 inches want to be particularly interested in ultralight corsets with the most flexible and lightweight design. The corsets that we will exchange below, despite their lightness, are constructed in a sufficient way to fulfill their role on slim figures and perform the task of waist training. They are perfect for regular wear, they are the thinnest and most vivid of all designs from the entire collection. There is no risk that they will be too hard, e.g. on protruding ribs or pelvic bones. Ladies without the so-called fat rollers or dangling skin do not need many layers of fabric in a corset, or 20 double-layered underwires, because they do not have excess body to tame. Slim figures focus mainly on emphasizing the waistline and outlining female shapes.

Based on many years of experience and over a dozen thousand customers served, we know that underbust corsets with spiral whalebones are the most popular models because of the indicated practicality and greater comfort.

Do you want to buy a corset that will be your creation?

In this case, you can decide to buy an overbust corset – for the bust. It will be a mountain for your creations, you no longer need additional clothing for this body part. At your discretion, complete the stylization with a jacket, katana or shawl. With these types of corsets and their occasional wearing, it doesn’t matter if you choose a corset with spiral or flat underwires. All information regarding the underwires used, lengths will still be found in the model parameters tab or the construction drawing in the product description.
When choosing this version of the corset, the correct size and length are also important. Size is standard based on waist circumference. Length based on the height and length of the torso – as in the case of bust models, it is worth making an approximate measurement of a given model on your body.

Another important issue when choosing an overbust corset – for the bust is the finishing and profiling of the neckline. Depending on the size of your bust, a different cut will be recommended for you. In most product descriptions, there is a suggestion for which breasts a given cut is suggested, and the construction drawings show how profiled the neckline of a given model is – whether it is flat or deep.

Bust A – Medium C
waist trainers shop

If you have small breasts, you should focus on corsets with a flat cut neckline so-called sweet heart, flat heart. An example of such a model is WT-006. By choosing this cut you will avoid a situation in which the bust falls into the corset and is not nicely underlined. If you opt for a corset with a larger profiling at the bust having smaller breasts, you probably would have to decide to supplement the corset with a bra so that it gathers and highlights the breasts.

Medium bust C – D

Similarly, for larger breasts, models with a deeper heart are recommended. Here, the contouring is larger, which means the breast has more room for positioning. It’s more veiled. In the case of sweet heart, large breasts can be exposed too much and give the effect of pouring. An example of a model with deeper profiling at the bust height is GC-1011.

WARNING! A very versatile bust cut is described below.
From 2016, we offer the Aster cut, which turned out to be a very versatile option. Over time, we’ve seen that ladies of almost any size can choose it. Both with very small breasts and those with generous breasts. On the construction drawing in the product description, you can see how the underwires are routed in this design. They are also sewn in at an angle, transversely so as to best collect and form the bust. For example, this design has the VG-10053 model. In our CUSTOMER GALLERY you will find photos of ladies in this cut, they are women of various sizes, sizes and busts. They all look phenomenal;) ‚Äč‚ÄčThere is even a photo of ladies with breasts about 115 cm!

Photo by Hey Paul Studios