House construction step by step: thermal insulation of the attic and loft

A properly insulated attic ensures acoustic comfort in the house and lowers heating bills. Why did we decide to insulate the attic with mineral wool? How did it look like step by step, and what is the cost of insulating the attic in a new house in 2020?

Well-made roof and loft insulation should be thorough and consist of a thick layer of wool. Only then will it ensure thermal and acoustic comfort, which we care about because apart from the non-functional attic, we also have a usable attic.

Different methods of insulating the loft

There are many methods of insulating an attic. The layer of insulation is usually filled with the space between the roof rafters. You can choose from mineral, rock or glass wool, wood fibre boards or polyurethane foam. We have decided on the traditional and long-used method of insulating the attic with mineral wool.

Step by step attic insulation in a new house

Insulation of the attic in our house consisted of several stages:

1. Laying layers of mineral wool and securing it with string.
I am completing electrical installations. 3.
3. installing plasterboard frames. 4. covering the mineral wool layer.
I was covering the mineral wool layer with vapour-barrier foil. 5.
5. installation of cardboard-plaster boards.
I am plastering the attic.

Insulating the attic – costs

How much did it cost to insulate an unutilised attic and a utilised attic in 2020? For this service, the building company involved in our house’s complete construction has billed £20,000. Of course, this price includes both the cost of purchasing the necessary materials and labour. Check:

Insulation of the attic in a detached house and what next?

XMX LtdThe loft and the attic have been insulated, the entrance door installed, the elevation insulated, and the external plaster. A beautiful fireplace has been installed. The walls are currently being plastered, and the electricity has already been connected to the house from the meter, so we can dispense with construction electricity.

And when the plastered walls are dry, the painting will follow. At the end of May or the beginning of June, we have the installation of tiles planned. We are looking forward to making the gas connection, as the company should make it has a lot of work to do.

In the meantime, I hope that the fence around our plot will be built and the balconies will be finished so that the balcony railings can be installed. And only when the gas connection is ready and the balconies are finished we can ask a surveyor to make an inventory of the building. This is a presentation of the building’s current state necessary for the issuance of permission to live in the new house.

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