Changing the date of the wedding and receiving the wedding dress

The latest text on wedding dresses meant that the Wedding Emergency box literally warmed up to red. The issue of wedding stylization arouses great emotions and no wonder. Believe me girls, I understand you really well. You ask about collection of the dress, payment and storage … Time for answers!

Wedding in a year, and the dress is ready

We are planning a wedding on 4.07.2020, we are not sure yet whether it will take place due to the dynamic development of the world situation due to the epidemic. Today I received a message that my wedding dress is already sewn and I have a question about it. My dress is silk and I have my doubts. If we have to postpone the wedding, then the deadline will be in a year, and therefore the silk dress may turn yellow? I read that this is a very delicate fabric and you have to be very careful about it. I wonder what in this situation I can do, is there a chance to withdraw from the dress and look for something else closer to the date of the wedding because we will rather submit it, I do not know what to do?

If you decided to postpone the wedding date, contact the salon and reschedule the pickup date. The issue of delicate material and the risks of inadequate storage is one thing, but also consider fitting the dress to your figure. Trying on and any tailoring should be done 2-3 months before the wedding. However, if you plan to get married next year, this is far too far away. As for withdrawing from the purchase – it seems to me that at this stage, when the dress is ready, there is no possibility of resignation. This is certainly regulated by the contract. Be sure to check how it looks in your case.

If you are in a similar situation, but you have already picked up your dress, make sure you store it correctly. The box for a wedding dress from my store will work great for this.

Changing dates and payments

In the wedding dresses salon, I met with a request to pay for the dresses on the first date. I’m already after the adjustments, the dress is great, only minor corrections are left. The ladies agreed to keep the dresses in the warehouse until November. I have paid a down payment, but do I have to pay this April? Can I demand that I pay only after I receive the dresses in November?

It’s fantastic that the date of the fitting was successfully moved! It is very important to pick up the dress as close to the wedding date as possible. Then you can be sure that it will be perfectly suited to you. However, when it comes to payment, the salon has the right to expect it on pre-determined dates. The purchase of a dress is regulated by a contract and the payment records still apply. This is dictated by many reasons. First of all – the salon had to pay the full amount to get the dress to him. These measures are also necessary to ensure business continuity.