Anthracite windows. Windows in dark gray color shades.

The colour ferret can bother while building a house or renovating it. Even the purchase of windows has ceased to be a simple choice between white and golden oak or walnut because the offer of windows in terms of colours has become really rich. Anthracite has been one of the most popular colours for a good two years.

What does the mysterious word “anthracite” contain? This is the name of the organogenic rock, which is a type of fossil coal. It is from her colour that the anthracite colour describes the shade of grey, and dark window frames have become a trend that can be found more and more often in Polish interiors.

Anthracite in UK homes

Many people still believe that all woodwork elements should be of the same colour. This means that both windows, doors and parquet are made in an identical shade of wood or plastic. Yes, such a choice of colours is a guarantee of consistency, but it is not perceived as the right direction. Conventions and diagrams are a safe solution and a shortcut, which is rather avoided in design. Much higher aesthetics can be found in the interiors arranged when perceiving the whole, not individual, matching elements. UPVC Windows

The anthracite window can be a designer experiment. One of the inspiring ideas is the dark frame, which looks intriguing in contrast to the interior door. This combination means that no element stands out in a significant way, while the interior receives an unusual character.

Anthracite is successfully used in commercial space – offices and shop windows, but for several seasons it has dominated in modern interiors and even gives elegance to the entire facade of residential buildings. The trend is popular on the west side of the globe, but anthracite is also conquering Polish real estate.

Minimalism is not everything

The current of contemporary architecture is largely based on minimalism. It’s a style based on harmony, simplicity and savings of details. Such interiors are spacious and often kept in bright colours. Although the minimalist arrangements are beautiful, not only minimalism design lives. Minimalism goes hand in hand with essentialism. By using contrasts, the most important elements, for example, windows, are exposed. Window frames add life to the interior. In such interiors, anthracite can also be present in additions, such as lighting, pillows on the sofa or the wall of the fireplace.

Expressive interiors with character

Anthracite windows blend in perfectly with the Scandinavian style, i.e. a combination of Scandinavian austerity with traditional, often also raw furniture. The style is distinguished by a bold combination of a light wood with white and various shades of grey, and anthracite fits perfectly there.

The most impressive is the anthracite windows in the spacious living room. They blend well with stone tiles in dark grey colour and grey floor panels. The colour of the walls in this arrangement should be white, and the additions should be kept in white, grey or brown.

Focusing on anthracite and Scandinavian style, it is good to choose light brown furniture, e.g. tables and chairs or a comfortable sofa. It is also worth choosing a cosy rug to visually warm the raw interior.

Anthracite windows are an accent of modernity in contemporary apartments. In themselves, they give the impression of modern, even futuristic. Anthracite is also a nod to elegance. Emphasizes the view from behind the window, creating a simple frame for it. It does not require any accessories, decorative curtains or even simple curtains. Anthracite windows themselves become not only an element providing daylight, but another designer piece of furniture.

They harmoniously blend with light walls and furniture as well as stone tiles and panels in shades of grey, creating together a clean, elegant form. When choosing accessories, it’s worth choosing black and white paintings, photographs and wall murals. Silver-coloured accessories also look interesting, e.g. vases, chandeliers, small sculptures.

I see it darkly, i.e. anthracite for the less brave

Despite the high aesthetics of various materials, many people remain true to the uniform combination of colours for panels, interior doors and windows. Such a choice still does not exclude anthracite, which is perfectly felt in the company of light grey walls. Just put on subtle, anthracite additions, such as the colour of flower pots, vases or small picture frames. This combination gives the interior an artistic soul, and a good design will protect the apartment from excessive darkness and guarantee its elegant, simple style.

It is worth remembering that anthracite is not the only choice. The offer of dark colours of joinery is very rich and includes a whole range of grey, including basalt grey, slate grey or platinum quartz. An interesting solution is ultramarine grey, whose grey falls into a navy shade. Lovers of steel and silver should pay attention to brushed aluminium and a shade of platinum crown, which beautifully emphasize the modernist design of both the facade and interior. In contrast, earl platinum will look beautiful with bright red and beige brick.

The choice of colour is an individual matter, but it is worth observing native producers and their offer. Introduced solutions known from meetings of designers and trade fairs can surprise us and positively change our apartment, and thus our everyday life.

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